Fitted Sheets, Full-Split Adjustable Beds, Organic 100% Cotton
Anchor tite corners keep the fitted sheet from popping off at the corners.
Adjustable bed with anchor tite corners and wings. Notice how the sheet stays on!
Wing on fitted sheet, untucked.

Fitted Sheets, Full-Split Adjustable Beds, Organic 100% Cotton


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Made with GOTS Certified Organic 100% Cotton fabric, Huckleberry Adjustable Fitted Sheets come with two features to prevent your sheet from popping off as the bed moves up and down: Our adjustable fitted sheets are equipped with wings on the sides to tuck under your mattress and anchor tite corners, an additional 2" thick elastic across each of the four corners of the fitted sheet.

Split Adjustable Fitted Sheets are sold in pairs of 2, so if you order a split Queen fitted sheet, you will receive 2 fitted sheets for a 30 x 80 mattress.

Huckleberry fitted sheets have the option of convenience pockets to store your phone, book, reading glasses, etc.  If only putting one pocket on your sheet, please select right or left from the perspective of the foot board. 

We have simplified the measuring process by providing 3 ranges of bed depths: Standard (finishes at a 13" pocket), Deep (finishes at a 17" pocket), and Extra Deep (finishes at a 21" pocket). For a different mattress depth (or bed size), please call us to request a custom quote.