Our Story

Welcome to Huckleberry, where you will find family & friends working together to create pure, simple, & timeless pieces to enhance your family, home, and lifestyle.

At Huckleberry you'll find a team of people who are passionate about all the beautiful things of childhood and parenthood. Our mission is to help you create a life full of beautiful products that you and your children can cherish and find joy in; products that are pure, simple, and timeless enough to be passed down for generations.

Our mission for all of our products is the following: 

  • Pure: If children are going to wear it, or sleep on it, it needs to be comfortable, clean, & pure. We use the purest, most environmentally friendly materials we can find. We choose natural, organic fabrics whenever possible. Our shoes are also made from 100% genuine leather.
  • Simple: Because life is already so busy and cluttered, we prefer to keep things simple. Less clutter means more time for the things that matter most. Simple products for a simpler life.
  • Timeless : We believe the best things in life should withstand the test of time. Huckleberry products feature timeless designs made with the highest quality fabrics and materials that can be used for generations.

We hope that Huckleberry will become a source of joy and sentimentality in your lives. We hope you love our products as much as we do and we hope that you feel the love and work that goes into every piece. Every piece of clothing and pair of shoes is made by an artisan right here in our hometown of Orem, Utah. In fact, every item we make includes a tag signed by the artisan who made it. 

Thank you for stopping by to read our story and for helping us turn this dream into a reality. Thank you for supporting a small business and for making Huckleberry a sentimental part of your life.